VMS ergo


The ergonomic design of the VMS ergo metering microscope is oriented towards the work associated with the precision measurements. All the work on a microscope is easy and easy to use.

The resolution of a mechanically-focused table with X-Y displacement and a linear scale is 1 μm. You can move an object table by using coarse and precise configuration.

Telecentre Metering Lenses guarantee a high quality flat image without distortion. The latest video technology development is used in the system.

Optical measurement software OMS is easy to use and performs all the necessary types of measurements.

Distinguishing Features:

  • An integrated display with an optimal viewing angle.
  • The handle of the coarse and precise focus setting is easily accessible and based on.
  • The light control block is located on the left side of the base.

Optical measurement Software OMS

The measuring microscope VMS ergo is equipped with easy-to-learn software to conduct 2d measurements of the original samples or small batches of objects; The software of OMS excellently proved to be in the lab and in the workplace.

OMS it:

  • Easy programming of sequence of measurements
  • The ability to find the edge of the sample in automatic mode
  • Easily set the measurement points on the video in manual mode using the mouse
  • A combination of geometric shapes associated with elements in a tree structure
  • Automatically define the edge, line, circle, and slice by using the toolbar

Technical Specification:

Range of X/Y dimensions: 150 x 100 mm
Z Displacement Range: 150 mm (linear scale on demand)
Permission: 1 μm
Measurement accuracy (μm): 1.8 + 0.005 x L (l = length of the measured object in mm)
Lens: 2:1 bajonentnym Anchorage (1:1, 5:1.10:1 and 20:1 on demand)
Chamber: CMOS color camera with a resolution of 1280 x 1024 pixels
Lighting: Light-ring, coaxial falling and passing lighting with base-built control blocks
Weight: About 35 kg

Telecentred measuring lenses, with a large working distance and bajonentnym Anchorage

Catalog number Increase multiplicity Numerical aperture Working distance Visibility field with 1/2 "camera [мм]
O1 M01 1:1 0.03 88 6, 3, 7
O1-M02 * 2:1 0.06 85 4.1 x 2, 3
O1 M05 5:1 0.13 62 1, wide, 9
O1 M10 10:1 0.20 52 0.6 x 0.45
O1 M20 20:1 0.35 30 0.3 x 0.2

*-lens included in standard picking