Stemi 305


STEMI 305 is the simplest and most economical model in the series Stereomicroscope Carl Zeiss, produced by all canons of traditional German quality.
Using STEMI 305, you can examine any structure of different shapes in large fields of view and small increments (up to 80s).
Lighting is important in a microscopy. The tripod model C for an STEMI 305 has a highly sensitive light in three variations. You can choose:

  • Drop Light (Opaque objects)
  • Passing light (Transparent objects)
  • Incident/passing Light lighting
  • It is also possible to select an additional option, a dark field in the passing light.

Stereo microscope STEMI 305 can be installed on the wall and the base brackets, which greatly expands the scope and allows you to work with any objects.
If the instrument is often transported for your convenience, a special givi can be chosen to secure the movement of an.