ZEISS Primo Star


Primo Star's Passing light microscope
The best microscope for teaching, laboratory, and field research in medicine, biology, veterinary science, botany, environmental services, etc. The durability and simplicity of management are particularly robust.




Innovative solutions:

  • Modular Lighting Part
    • Three illuminator training and laboratory assignments
    • 30-Watt Halogen Light
    • Diode (LED) source with stable color temperature and high efficiency -The most economical and durable solution
    • Adjustable tilt mirror for non-power
  • External power supply
  • The built-in hand-held grip provides a convenient way to do so. Reliable Transfer
  • Visual nozzle
    • 30 ° Tilt Angle
    • Adjustable inclination angle of type Siedentopf
    • Controlling the height of the observation based on user growth
    • The ability to personalize the interchangeable distance in a wide range from 48 to 75 mm
  • Light intensity indicator-blue indicators on both sides of the tripod
  • Subject tables with left-or right-hand-authority
  • Microscopes with fixed lighting system for Koehler configuration for standard Obucheija

For classical microscopy at the highest level-options with full-featured lighting system for Koehler configuration

Technical Harakterisktiki

Optics Ahromaticheskaja, adjusted to infinity
Two tripod options (1) Fixed system Köhler

(2) Full-featured Köhler system

Increase (1). From 40s to 1000 X for visual observation

(2). From 4 to 100 x for shooting by a camera

Ocular tubes Siedentopf-type rotating nozzle with top and bottom positions:

-in the upper position the eyepiece height is about 40 mm

Adjustable pupil distance from 48 to 75 mm

-an nozzle with a rotation angle of 360 °

-Inclination angle 30 ° (Jergougol)

-Standard nozzle and Fototubus with fixed light Division

50%: 50% (vis: .doc)

-Various Photographics cards are offered for Fototubusa

Eyepieces WF 10/18 Br. FOC

WF 10/20 Br FOC

Antibacterial coating

A revolver device 4 position, direction of lens position-to tripod
Lenses Plan-Axromat X/0.1

Plan-Axromat 10/0.25

Plan-Axromat 40 x/0.65

Plan-Axromat 100/1.25

Plan-Axromat 40 x/0.65 Ph2

Condenser Abbe 0.9/1.25

Slider slot for research in dark field and phase contrast

Two options with a linear field of 18 mm (fixed system Köhler) and 20 mm (full-featured Köhler system)
Lighting Modular Lighting System

Halogen Source (6 in 3 watts), diode (LED) source (6 in 3 watts, roughly equivalent to a 20-watt halogen light)

Table Table with left or right-hand office
Focusing mechanism Precise focus

Coarse focus