ZEISS Axioscope A1


Axio SCOPEA1 is the last model of a direct microscope for industrial applications. This model is Soma flexible in the ruler of modern microscopes Carl Zeiss: Axio Scopea1 has 23 modifications of tripods, including tripods for passing, bounced light, for sample heights up to 560 mm. The different picking types can be picked for both your tasks and your budget.




Axio SCOPEA1 has different types of tubes, from a fixed angle of 15 degrees to tube with a variable angle with a 50 degree movement range. The modern-adjusted ic2s optics, together with the minimization of parasitic light, provide the highest contrast and purity of the image.

A useful innovation in this model is the lighting regulator from both sides directly under the focusing screw and the table move handle, which you can set at a location where it is convenient for you.


  • A revolver device for fixing 6 lenses.
  • 9 Types of Subject table modifications.
  • Universal lenses from 1.25 to 100 x.
  • Two, four, or six contrast methods are available for selection.
  • Contrast methods in reflected light: Light field, dark field, polarization, Dick, C-Dick, fluorescence.
  • Contrast methods: Light field, dark field, polarization, Dick, Plas-Dick, phase contrast.
  • Trinokuljarnyj tube with photo fide out.