ZEISS Axio Zoom. V16


PL 10/23 Eyepiece PL Bar/16 Eyepiece
Increase Increase
3.5 … 56 x 5.6 x … 90
7 … 112x 11 … 179x
10.5 … 168x 17 … 269x
7 … 112x 11 … 179x
Bar … 258x 26 x … 412x

New, modern zoom microscope for material research in large field of view
Axio Zoom V16-Carl Zeiss, which provides both a high resolution and a zoom factor of these. The main virtue of Axio Zoom. V16 is the acquisition of large preview images at small and medium increments, the high value of the lens aperture of the zoom microscope as compared to stereo microscopes. Provides high resolution, especially for small and medium increments. Image retrieval is much faster, and the quantitative analysis process is accelerating.

Zoom range: From smallest details to overview images
Microscope Axio Zoom. V16 combines a 16 x zoom with a large number of aperture and a large working distance: Even with a small and medium increase, a resolution of up to two times the resolution of traditional stereomicroscope is provided.
Zoom microscope designed to meet your needs
Axio Zoom V16 equipped with a motorized iris aperture, which allows you to choose the optimal mode for specific conditions for use by clicking only one button. Use Eyepieces when you need visual analysis of the samples. Scale from a large field of view, with maximum depth of sharpening to a large increase, reaching the highest possible resolution. In video camera mode, the microscope Axio Zoom. V16 automatically adjusts the resolution to the characteristics of the camera you are using. In the entire range of increases, Axio Zoom. V16 is able to choose the best resolution ratio and depth of field.
Epirel provides a relief image contrast
A special movable epirel slider in traditional coaxial lighting enables slanted lateral lighting, making the smallest elements of the terrain visible. The zoom microscope will allow you to see structures and minor humps, especially when you zoom in. The objects studied are more clearly defined than the traditional light field.
Use/objects Task Axio Zoom capabilities. V16
Scanning large surfaces automatically Quickly get images and measure large high-resolution samples for statistical analysis of structure details Get large sample images with small and medium magnification with high image quality. Homogeneous coaxial lighting gives you the ability to get a high-quality image when scanning large surfaces.
Materials Science/Metallography Routine analysis of materials, research, quantitative and qualitative analysis of structures Detailed information about the complex structure of the materials, even with the small and average increase due to large numbers of apertures.
Microelectronics/electronics (e.g. semiconductor plates) Reproducible methods to examine the structures of semiconductor plates and mask surfaces for processing, impurities and defects Continuously zooms from the preview image to the parts. Non-destructive analysis and measurement of structures with a reproducibility of up to 99% through an electronic growth control system. Graphic contrast of the image even for flat patterns by using the slider Epirel in coaxial epi-light
Forensic analysis (for example, ballistics) Get pictures and document technical tools and footprints using high-resolution images Continuously zooms from the preview image to the parts. Non-destructive analysis and measurement of structures with a reproducibility of up to 99%. Reduce highlights in coaxial. An accurate image with enhanced focus, thanks to high resolution and low depth of field.