ZEISS Axio Vert. A1


Inverted light microscope

The name "Carl Zeiss" is a guarantee of impeccable quality and the highest reliability!

Inverted microscopes of the reflected light of the Zeiss firm have proven themselves in the Russian market. This is particularly true of the microscopes of the "Neophot" series, which have now been eliminated from production. So far, Carl Zeiss is producing a model of high-quality metallographic microscope of the new generation, the Axio Vert. This microscope has been developed specifically for research and quality control of materials in industrial laboratories and scientific institutes.

The microscope is very useful for long continuous work, since its design is compact (length 689 mm; 245 mm width), and the microscope itself is easy to manage and configure.

The kit may include an ocular bar plate, at the request of the customer, to determine the grain of the metal in ISO 643-1983 and ASTM 112-88.
A set of high-quality optics allows research to be carried out by modern methods of contrast:

  • Light margin
  • Dark Field
  • Polarizing contrast
  • Differential-interferecionnyj contrast (DIC)

The distinctive quality of the inverted microscope model is the location of the lenses below the subject table, which does not limit the size of the object at the top.

The microscope is rich in the ability to document your images using a digital camera or a digital camcorder for further storage and processing on your computer.

Axio Vert. A1 is the key to the accurate, quality and successful operation of the Metallographic Labs!

Eyepieces 10/23; These/16-for working with glasses focusable
Maximum linear field of view 23 mm
Lenses 1, 25 x/2, X/x/10/'/50s/project
Table Mechanical coordinate 300 x 300 mm; Mechanical coordinate rotation 300/90 °
A revolver device 4 Lenses (using contrast methods)
Focus Crude/precise, on two sides
Lighting 6b 30w; 12b 100 W-Halogen lamp, adjusting the intensity of the light; Stabilized power supply