ZEISS Axio Observer


High reliability, stable and comfortable work. Never before have research tasks in a microscopy been solved at a level as high as that of Axio Observer. The microscope Axio Observer is an advanced model that proven itself well on the Russian microscope Axiovert 200mat. The base tripod of the inverted micrometallographic microscope Axio Observer has a revolver device to attach 6 lenses. The controls are well conceived, more simple and more sophisticated than the microscopes of the previous generation.

Axio Observer A1m-Analog, non-encoded components, without motorization. Designed for routine work.

Axio Observer D1m-Digital, a number of components encoded so that data can be read into the computer.

Axio Observer. z1m-Motorized. Motorized Z-Focus, a revolving device, and many other components that can be manipulated from a computer or TFT display.

Sturdy, resistant tripod-design the pyramid principle. Ideal for large and heavy specimens.


The ability to install ergo-tube for more convenient and comfortable work. Adjust the height to cm.

A convenient feature is the ability to install the LCD display with information for the current moment of work:

  • Lens slot Number
  • Work Lens Marking
  • Contrast method
  • Light source Voltage

Microscope Controls Axioobserver

  • TFT touchscreen screen
  • New Control Panel (Installation station) (Z1M)
  • Motorized a revolver holder and lenses with ACR (automatic recognition of components). ARC-Reads and recognizes the Reflex module, as a result of which all the elements required to work in the selected contrast method are automatically set to a working position.