ZEISS Axio Imager 2


Direct Materialovedcheskij Microscope

The microscopes "Axio Imager" are the newest series of direct microscopes of the Carl Zeiss firm based on the most recent developments in the microscopy area. The new design principles for tripods and knots, the modern approach to the management of motorized systems, has led this series to a high scientific and technical level of modern microscopy.

Axio Imager is ideally suited for a variety of tasks. The microscope can be selected depending on the individual requirements: manual and motorized management.

New methods of contrast differential-interference contrast with simple and circular polarization allow you to find new features of material structures, as well as identify microfractures or other finest defects in the surface. New EU lenses high quality-high resolution-high color, once again proved that the theory of calculation and the principles of Abbe have not yet been exhausted.




Features of "Axio Imager":

  • Ic2s improved version of ICS Optics is a high contrast of the image
  • Excellent lighting and high resolution
  • Tube with the possibility of changing the tilt angle, which is convenient for long-running work without undue strain on the eye
  • The ability to automate and encode such configuration functions as: Placing lenses on the job, rotating a revolver with lenses and Atofokusirovka, setting beamsplitter elements for different contrast methods Controls the level of illumination in the plane of the subject. In this case, microcrystalline TFT screens are included in the microscope design

It is possible to equip a microscope not only for research in the reflected but also in the light (for the study of transparent specimens).

A modern mikrotverdomer with a diamond Vickers or Knupa with a range of 0.005 to 4 N.

A microscope can be fitted with a digital camera or digital camcorder to document high-quality images.

"Axio Imager" is much more than an attractive price and quality ratio: it's a valuable investment in the future of your business!

Imager Options A1m M1m D1m z1m
Tripod Manual + +
Motor + +
PC Management + + O +
TUBUSNOJ System Management Manual O O O O
Vehicle O O O O
Revolving device to attach beamsplitter blocks 6 Manual O O O
6 coded O O O
6 Motorized + O
10 Motorized O
A revolver device to attach lenses 6 Manual for N O O O O
6 Manual HD DIC O O O O
6 Manual Pol O O O O
6 coded HD DIC O O O O
6 Motorized HD DIC O O
7 coded HD DIC O O O O
7 Motorized HD DIC O O
Focus Manual + + O
Motorized 25 NM +
Motorized 10 NM O
TFT Display + +