New technology of tool sharpening equipment


This equipment allows you to obtain a carbide tool with the new quality settings. The instrument's acuteness is up to 1 μm, which is higher than the foreign counterparts. At the point of the hardware, the defective layer disappears to reduce the stojkostnye parameters of the tool.
At the moment, the equipment we offer has no analogy in the world of the quality of the sharpening and the recovery of the carbide instrument.

The machine is ideally suited to sharpening the following tools:

  • Lathe prefabricated instruments (sharpening and Perezatachivanie plates)-for the lathe finishing.
  • The sharpening and Perezatachivanie of the plates are for the milling process.
  • The sharpening and Perezatachivanie are for the purpose of a milling cleaner.
  • The solid and prefabricated tool (sharpening and Perezatachivanie) is designed to handle various openings.

Installation Specifications:


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