Marsuzawa. RIA F/S series (Rockwell)




Rockwell Innovative Automatic Tester

Ria Features:

  • To measure firmness at one touch
  • Controlling the force of the feedback load (with a load cell)
  • Different methods for conducting tests
  • Adjustable load
  • LED indicators
  • Easy and Compact
  • Windows 7 tablet

Innovative features

To measure firmness at one touch
The entire cycle of measurement (preload-main load-Razgruzhenie) is performed on a single tap on the touchscreen.
Measurement methods
Rockwell and Brinell measurement methods for the specified loads.

  • Rockwell
    hr15n hr15w Hr15y Hrg Hrp
    hr30n hr30w hr30y Hrb Hrm
    hr45n hr45w Hr45y Hrf Hrl
    hr15t hr15x HRc Hrk Hrv
    hr30t hr30x Hrd Hre Hrs
    hr45t hr45x Hra HRH Hrr

Controlling the force of the feedback load (with a load cell)

Load application force is controlled with high precision
The force of the load application is controlled with high precision.

-Managed Load
-Unmanaged load

Resistance to external vibration
Resistance to external vibration.

is the load

Adjustable load
The possibility of modifying the preload in increments of 100 GS, ranging from 29.42 N to 98.07 H (from 3 CSC to 10 CSC) and the possibility of changing the main load in step 0.9807 N (100 gs) from 147.1 H to 1840 H (from 15 csc to 187.5 CSC).

Preliminary load

Preliminary load

Main load

Main load

LED indicators
The LED displays the current hardness operation.

Easy and Compact
The optimum design combines small dimensions with light weight.

Size and weight

W 220 XG 540 x in 830 80 kg

W 220 XG 370 x in 500 34 kg

Windows 7 tablet
In addition to managing hardness tester, a Windows 7 tablet computer allows you to perform many additional features, such as data processing, printing, and networking.


Fully automatic Ria-F

Joystick Hardness with Motorized table Pda
3-Axis Controller XY-Motorized Table Operating panel (Tablet PC with touch screen 10.1 ")

Semi-automatic Ria-S

Joystick Hardness Pda
1-Axial Controller Flat table Operating panel (Tablet PC with touch screen 10.1 ")


Model Ria-F Ria-S



Super Rockwell 29.42 N (3 csc)
Rockwell 98.07 N (10 csc)


Super Rockwell 147.1, 294.2, 441.3 H (15, 30, 45 csc)
Rockwell 588.4, 980.7, 1471 H (60, 100, 150 PSC)
Measurement process Automatic

(Preload-Main load-Razgruzhenie)

Load Application Time 0 to 999 sec
Table Motorized table XY, table progress: 50x50mm Flat Table 60 diameter
Controller 3-Axis Controller 1-Axial Controller
The operating panel 10.1 "Tablet PC running Windows 7
Sample Maximum Height 140 mm
Sample Maximum Depth mm
Dimensions W 220 x 370 x in 500
Weight 34 kg
Precision (Standard) ISO 6508. JIS b7726, ASTM E-18
Power source AC of 100 to 240V 50/60.

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