Coating machine
(Digital, with spin speed, exact and silent)

  1. Yellow photolithographic Process
  2. Organic materials


  1. Adjusting switch
  2. Small design allows you to work in a smaller space
  3. LCD screen
  4. Ease of operation
Coverage Range Less than 150 mm diameter, glass base (lamination).
1 1. Rotation Speed: 0 ~ 6,000 rpm. (Effective speed of rotation 450-6000 min.)
2 2. Control of rotation speed: Dip switch, setting rotation
3 3. Speed control (Standard settings):
S range 1:0 ~ 180sek; Range 2:0 ~ 300sek; Range 3:0 ~ 300sek.
4 4. Show speed of rotation: At run time, the speed of rotation is shown on the LCD monitor and can be adjusted while you work.
5 5. Rotation time: The three levels of rotation can be shown on the LCD monitor at the same time; When you work, the duration of the operation is shown, and the current status can also be shown.
6 6. Time setting: Can be performed before or during an operation.
7. Steady speed of rotation: error less than 3%
Disk Aluminium Alloy Disc
Control Panel A digital LCD panel An autooperation.
Adsorption method Vacuum adsorption
Vacuum level Vacuum gauge
Security device
1 1. When an overload occurs, the protection will automatically reduce the current performance to protect the main engine.
2 2. A vacuum pump protection device.
3 3. Full protection against overload
4 4. The main pump engine automatically stops and goes into power saver mode.
Type Desktop.
Dimensions 282 x 350 x 310 mm
Food 110 in and 220 vφ
Standard Package 1. ½ inch Vacuum Drive
Extra Accessories
1.     1. Vacuum Drive 1 ", 2", 3 ", 4", 5 "and 6".
2.     2.  a vacuum pump.
3.     3. Special suction discs are manufactured to the order