Tecmet 2000


Tecmet 2000 Series C

Universal slaughter machines for the preparation of metallographic specimens.

  • Robust chassis design
  • Simple Machine Management
  • Built-in motor protection from overload
  • Ability to cut from long
  • recirculating system
  • Protect against accidental opening of the lid during the cutting process
  • Effective cooling of the sample and the working circle during the cutting process
  • Cut depth max. 160 mm
  • Disc max. • 450 mm
  • 32 mm Landing Slot
  • Track length Z 310 mm (Automatic or manual)
  • Length of the y-coordinate of 350 mm
  • Length of the X 175 mm coordinate
  • Z and Y precision-0.1 mm
  • Cut speed variable 1000-2500 rpm
  • Ability to equip the holders for non-standard specimens and a dual-cut system
  • Available in manual and automatic versions