Technovit 5071


Technovit 5071 is a two polymer from methyl methacrylate consisting of powder and liquid component. Color: Green.

Like Technovit 4071, Technovit 5071 is a polymer for the cold fill that is no less efficient. The fundamental difference of technovit 5071 is that it can be resolved chemically after filling. This solubility has a huge advantage in filling polymers, allowing you to completely separate the polymer from a very expensive or unique sample. Technovit 5071 can be used with acetone, trichloroethylene and Dihlorometana. Technovit 5071 can also be used for future research by using a scanning electron microscope.

Thanks to a good wettability surface, the pill, Technovit 5071, is used as a binding substance for metals in industry. It can also be used in various measurements using load.

Special properties:


  • Solubility;
  • A good adhesion ability.


Note: If the samples Termoustojchivy, Technovit 5071 can be've by heating the whole pill along with the sample. Using this method, you can easily separate simple geometric shapes from casting material.