Technovit 2000 LC


Technovit 2000 LC-polymer Otverdevajushhij in light, single component, fully transparent, based on methacrylate. Solidification occurs when a blue light is hit.

Technovit 2000 LC is mainly used in semiconductor technology, microelectronics, medicine, optoelectronics and Microsystem technology. It is also suitable for fill materials that are sensitive to temperature.

Special properties


  • There is no undesirable material consumption as it is a single component;
  • Can be used for an indeterminate period of time because the polymerization occurs only when the material is blue;
  • The low polymerization temperature is about 90 ° C. May polymerize at temperatures of about 50 ° C using a radiation programme;
  • Does not form a bubble in the fill;
  • Suitable for research using a scanning electron microscope;
  • No odor;
  • Resistant to alcohol and acid;
  • Freezes under the influence of blue light-the use of harmful ultraviolet light is not required.