Provil Novo


The exact imprint of material surfaces is applied in many areas of industry and research such as:

  • Metallography in "field" conditions;
  • Reconstruction on prints and mineralogy;
  • Restoring the cause of the defect in case of damage;
  • Research in the field of criminology;
  • Research;
  • Optimize the workflow.


Thanks to the excellent elasticity of Provil Novo, it is possible to obtain hard-copy prints and to measure these surfaces with maximum accuracy, and the deviation is less than 0.1 µ m. These advantages are used, for example, in measuring the deposition of holes in instruments or parts of mechanisms, without the use of expensive technologies.

The material does not require any special knowledge. Provil Novo is easily removed from the sample and there are no traces left.

Provil Novo can be used for control in difficult places, including At high-risk sites (e.g., inspection of corrosion in a reservoir park, gas pipes). The transport of Provil Novo is perfectly safe, the product can be transported by any mode of transport.

Provil Novo does not cause an increase in the temperature in the freeze process, so there is no negative effect changing the structure of the surface of the object-which is particularly important for a wide range of scientific research and for fingerprints with special Accuracy.

Provil Novo Silicon does not react to other substances. This means that you can print any kind of surface that is independent of which material the surfaces have been executed from. The impressions of these surfaces can be analyzed by light.