Discs for preliminary grinding


Depending on the sample type and the properties of the material from which it is made, the karbidkremnievoj of the abrasive paper of the required grains is pregrinding. The Mitjela firm offers a system using diamond-coated discs replacing Karbidkremnievuju abrasive paper, which saves time and consumables during the stages of levelling and grinding, and ensures that The pattern material is evenly removed from its surface.

The technical characteristics of the diamond-coated drives make it possible to remove the high level of material and also to reduce the time of subsequent processing (fine grinding and polished).

Because of the unique structure of the surface, these disks are suitable for the preliminary grinding and levelling of metallographic and mineralogy specimens of different solids.

Materials to be processed with generic diamond-coated discs: steel, solid alloys, ceramics and various composites.



  • Type 1 corresponds to the abrasive material 60;
  • Type 2 corresponds to the abrasive material 300 grain;
  • Type 3 corresponds to the abrasive material 600 grain;
  • Type 4 corresponds to the abrasive material 1200 grain.


Diameter: 200 mm, 230 mm, 250 mm, 300 mm.



  • Long lifespan;
  • Remove a material quickly and evenly
  • Suitable for processing almost any material;
  • Easily cleaned;
  • Replaces Karbidkremnievuju abrasive paper.