Grinding discs


A new generation of thin-brushed discs with a high degree of removal of the specimen material.

Thin-grinding discs can be used after the preliminary grinding process, replacing the grinding paper with grain 1200-4000. The patented porous disk structure allows for the efficient use of diamond slurries, ensuring that these liquids are distributed evenly across the surface. The use of hard-brushed discs guarantees the optimum plane of specimens from any kind of material.

The disks are produced in two options:


  • For materials from medium hardness to very hard materials (> 200HV);
  • For soft materials and for non-ferrous metals;




  • easy to use;
  • Economical-One disk replaces 100-200 sheets of grinding paper with a grain of 1200-4000;
  • The patented surface structure ensures that material is evenly removed;
  • The disks have a high degree of removal of the sample and guarantee rapid processing as well as the high plane of the surface to be produced;
  • High efficiency-a wide range of diamond slurries with a variety of grains are used to use hard-grinding discs. If you use the same drive, you can process different materials.