Diamond Suspensions


Biodiamant are the suspensions that contain the diamond baby. They not only correspond to the high quality of the diamond slurries, but are also entirely safe for health and do not harm the environment.

Biodiamant Blue Diamond size 12 μm

Biodiamant Green-size of the Diamonds 9 μm

Biodiamant Yellow-size of the Diamonds 6 μm

Biodiamant Orange-size of diamonds 3 μm

Biodiamant Red-size of diamonds 1 μm

Final Polish-size of diamonds-0.05 μm



  • More efficient than other diamond suspensions
  • Suitable for both automatic and manual polishing
  • High concentration of diamonds


Suspensions do not smell because they are completely water-based.

The diamonds contained in the suspension do not deposit when it is transported and stored.