Classic Polishing Felt


Polishing was a yellow:

Hard to reclothe from synthetic fibers. This view is mostly used for prepolished plastic material (e.g. titanium, etc.)

Polishing was the orange:

The average stiffness of natural fibres was felt. Can be used to process different kinds of materials.

Polishing was red:

A soft cloth with a pile of synthetic fibers for final polished. It is also used for chemical-mechanical polished.

There are various types of fixation of polishing behaved, allowing it to be quickly replaced.

You can purchase a classic polishing has been clothed on a self-adhesive basis, as well as a metallic magnetic locking system.

In addition to grinding and polishing products, Mitjela offers a wide range of special cold-fill resin, powders for hot-press, and accompanying accessories. Mitjela also offers a wide range of forms for the cold fill of different diameters.

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