Precision saw Cl50
Precision, stable quality, wide range of cut speed: 150 ~ 2000ob/min

I. Technical data: Meals 110 in or 220 in:

  1. The following diamond discs can be installed: a diameter of 3 to 7 inches, an internal diameter of 12.7 mm;
  2. When the sample finishes, the engine power is turned off automatically.
  3. You can select the cutting block thickness in the metric system or the imperial measurement system.
  4. The engine of the 120W variable speed controls the rotation system, ranging from 0 to 2000ob/min; Effective speed of rotation: from 150 to 2000 rpm; The speed of rotation can be controlled by the button.
  5. Touch Control Panel
  6. Sharp pressure: 0 to 700
  7. The security jacket is designed to take account of safety: If the protective enclosure is open during the cutting, the power is automatically disconnected and the cutting stops instantly.
  8. Precise movement setting
  9. Dimensions and Weight: 600 × 520 × 420 mm (H), 42 kg.

ii. Standard Package

  1. The extended apparatus for the sample clamp-1. (V-shaped clamping)
  2. Cartridge for saw Blade-2 PCs.
  3. Coolant (cooling-cooling fluid)-1 litre

iii. Extra Accessories

  1. The apparatus for clamping samples of a non-standard shape is 1.
  2. The apparatus for clamping brittle specimens
  3. The apparatus for clamping round and oval specimens
  4. Diamond Disc: 3-7 inch diameter
  5. Balance: 50, 100 and 200
  6. Special clamps to order