Equipment in stock

Because of the updating of laboratory equipment show-room OOO NPO LATEMI offer you the equipment for metallographic sample preparing for special prices.

The equipment is situated on our stock in Moscow and can be dispatched in the nearest time.

We offer you the special discounts on below mentioned equipment!

Guarantee period — 1 year.

Please don’t hesitate to contact our manager for the additional information.


  1. Floor-top cutting machine

Max diameter of cutting wheel –  255 mm.

Max sample diameter – 50 mm.

Possibility of manual and automatic cutting.


  1. Automatic hydraulic mounting presses.

Two independent press forms for sample hot mounting. In each form it can be simultaneously be pressed three samples.

Mounting press is equipped with the sensor display with functions of pressure, temperature and time adjustment.


  1. Grinding-polishing machine

With the pneumatic device for sample loading.

The machine is equipped with the sensor display for speed and grinding time adjustment.

Working wheel diameter – 200 mm.