VMM 200


High-precision (measuring) microscopes VMM 200
The microscopes of the VMM series are used in the automotive industry, for the control of electrical and electronics products, aviation and aerospace industries, test labs, universities, etc. These measuring microscopes are applied both to the control of metallurgy and to the study of the structure of materials (in the application of Microlenss). On the measuring microscopes of the VMM series, objects from metals, plastics, ceramics, glass, and rubber are investigated. These microscopes measure the lengths, angles of objects, shape shapes, layer thicknesses, and so on.

Distinguishing Features:

  • Solid and massive base of cast iron.
  • High stability when performing measurements with little sensitivity to short-duration temperature variations.
  • A subject table for dimensions with roller guides.
  • The subject table allows measurements to be made in a wide range (from 100 x 50 mm to 420 x 300 mm)
  • The quick positioning of the subject table and the precise adjustment of each coordinate axis are carried out with screws. Optionally, you can install power.
Dimensions 356 x 540 x 662 mm
Weight 120 kg
Measuring range 150 x 100 mm or 250 x 150 mm
Permission 0.0001 mm
Precision in μm 1.8 μm + 0.005 x L (l = length of the measured object in mm)
Maximum mass of the measured object 20 kg or 30 kg (depending on the measuring table used)
Office Manual or motorized, positioning fast and accurate
Lighting system Passing and falling light
Measurement software QC 200/QC 5000/OMS/IMS
Increase From 10 to 1000 X