MS 1


The portable microscope MS1 with stable aluminum tube is used for inspection or measurement of products surface.




Due to the coaxial incident illumination with a beam splitter in the tube, even fine structures of smooth surfaces can be inspected at high magnification.

Angular illumination enables to inspect rough or fibrous structures. Hole in the microscope’s body is for fast and convenient change of the objectives. To study the structure of specimens with a circular surface uses prismatic base. Microscope is equipped with a focusing ring, with the focus range ±4 mm.

Optional the MS1 can be equipped with a videocamera to store images or view live image.  Also, upon customer’s request, the microscope can be equipped with portable grinding-polishing machine, notebook, OMS Light Software and case.

MS1 with LED-illumination and CMOS color camera with USB 2.0 interface, connected to a notebook for power autonomous usage.

Using Software OMS Light  customer is able to get high accuracy measurements and store results.

The geometric elements such as point / line / circle shown in the dialog window and can be easily combined. Besides high quality objectives the microscope is equipped with wide-field eyepieces. In accordance with the tasks the objectives can be measuring.

For the accurate measurement of the distance the microscope can be equipped with the screw eyepiece micrometer SM15 (on the picture you can find the digital micrometer SMT 15) with a resolution of 1 mkm.

Objectives Increase Focal distance Aperture Working distance Theoretical depth of field (mm)
OP1-AL05 5:1 25,39 0,10 18,5 0,028
OP1-AL10 10:1 16,56 0,25 6,7 0,004
OP1-AL20 20:1 7,84 0,40 1,8 0,002
OP1-AL40 40:1 4,52 0,65 0,6 0,001