Accessories for video-measuring microscopes series MS

Achromatic objectives of impinging light

Objectives Increase Number aperture Working distance, mm View field at 1/2” CCD, mm
OP1-V2 2:1 0,08 45,0 2,5 х 1,6
OP1-V5 5:1 0,18 14,5 1,4 х 0,9
OP1-V10 10:1 0,25 11,0 0,7 х 0,4
OP1-V20 20:1 0,40 1,0 0,3 х 0,2
OP1-V50 50:1 0,65 0,4 0,15 х 0,1

Apochromatic objectives of impinging light with increased working distance.

Objectives Increase Number aperture Working distance, mm View field at 1/2” CCD, mm
OP1-VХ02 2,5:1 0,06 32,5 2,8 х 1,8
OP1-VХ05 5:1 0,16 36,1 1,4 х 0,9
OP1-VХ10 10:1 0,23 38,9 0,7 х 0,4
OP1-VХ20 20:1 0,35 22,5 0,3 х 0,2
OP1-VХ50 50:1 0,40 18,3 0,15 х 0,1

Telecentric measuring objectives with a large working distance

Objectives Increase Number aperture Working distance, mm View field at 1/2” CCD, mm
OP1-М01 1:1 0,03 88 6,3 х 4,7
OP1-М02 2:1 0,06 85 4,1 х 2,3
OP1-М05 5:1 0,13 62 1,2 х 0,9
OP1-М10 10:1 0,20 52 0,6 х 0,45
OP1-М20 20:1 0,35 30 0,3 х 0,2


Light sources:
TR7 — Conversion device for 6 V halogen lighting, manual mode
TR-3-S — Conversion device for 6 V halogen lighting, 3 entrance, manual mode or by Software
VMP-GL — Fiber-optic light source with 30 W halogen reflective lamp, manual adjustment, continuous control of brightness and density of the light.
VMP-GLS — Fiber-optic light source with 250 W halogen reflective lamp, continuous control of brightness and density of the light by Software.


RL.01 — Fiber-optic ring light for OP1-VX objective
RL.02 — Fiber-optic ring light for OP1-M objective
MS2-501 — Lighting by indirect incident light, 2 lamps on connected consoles, 2 x 6V 5 W
MS2-506 — Lighting by indirect incident light, double fastened fiber-optic light waveguide


Software for measurement:

Easy to be learnt Software for making two dimensional measurements of the samples and small parties by manual or motorized microscopes, use in laboratories and on productions.

  • Construction of combinations from geometric shapes in tree structure
  • Easy to set measuring points on video-image by mouse in manual mode
  • The result immediately appears in the text report
  • Easy to program sequence of measuring steps with possibility to find sample edge in automatic mode
  • Possibility to create on the screen rectangular, round, grating-shaped and dialogue stencils as measuring borders for the quick visual control

Effective, fully-automatic  Software for making measurements of sample batches. It is used for making repeated measurements on production.

  • Save space, you can see everything on one screen with available video-image.
  • Easy to create programs for making measurements
  • Immediately recording measurement results in the text report
  • Fast autofocus in image processing for making deep measurements
  • Flexible and effective function Macro-Speech for the full control for sequence of measurements with changeable variables, underprocesses, database lineup and printing the text in the convenient editor.
  • User manual is available on display and input windows, answer yes/no and programmable interface for any window on display screen
  • Module construction with programmable interface for remote devices, for example,  measurement probes, laser sensors, read the bar-code devices
  • 6 types of objectives, produced on the factory and chosen by the diagram
  • Previously defined measurement functions for quick and easy combinations from geometric shapes.
  • Analog of lamp control till 4 VMP-GLS fiber-optic light recourses for getting high repeatability of measurement results
  • Functions of repeated image processing and filters, for example table of grey scales, «LaPlace» filter, «Sobel» filter, focusing filter, middle filter and low frequency filter

Possible to control several objects